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Published on April 11, 2023

How Meditation Can Help Students Cope With Stress

Living in the age of technology and accessibility of information would assume that modern students have it much easier than their fellow learners, even a few decades ago. The truth is, things are even more challenging these days! The emergence of remote classes and hybrid forms of learning, the constantly shifting roles of the teachers, and a plethora of information that must be processed contribute to enormous amounts of stress. While there are numerous ways to make things easier, the methods offered often ask for radical changes in one’s lifestyle and even academic curriculum. A less demanding solution is meditation since it’s a deeply personal practice that only needs time and the readiness to listen to one’s inner being. 

How Meditation Can Help a Student Cope With Stress 

– A Sense of Peace and Balance. 

For quite a long time, meditation has been linked to Buddhism or other religious practices, which often forced people to ignore the practice. In truth, meditation is not linked to any specific religion or way of life, which makes it a universal method to reduce stress. Just sitting cross-legged and learning to breathe calmly can help to find peace and think over those things we can change or understand that some of them belong to what we simply cannot change. 

– Improvement of the Cardiovascular System. 

When meditation is combined with various breathing techniques, it helps to improve one’s cardiovascular system. As the brain becomes filled with oxygen, it works just like the classic breathing gymnastics that every modern student has to try. Even if your study space is limited, it’s still possible to start with breathing meditation. 

The only condition that must be observed is disconnection from all external and internal distractions. In other words, if you still have homework to do, it’s safe to approach essay writers for hire and have an expert check your task so you have more clarity and peace about it. Likewise, turn off all social media alerts for at least ten minutes before you start your meditation session! 

– Improvement of Cognitive Skills. 

Meditation is all about learning to listen to one’s inner being, which has a deep psychological effect. It helps to sort all available resources and improve one’s memory by making it sharper and more narrowed down to the resolution of immediate tasks. Since it also involves deep concentration, it teaches a person to become more responsible and focused on those things that have to be done. Now, if your mind is constantly wandering somewhere, meditation helps to find the right balance and take one step at a time. 

– Management of Sleep Patterns. 

If you are a modern student, the chances are high that you are fighting at least one form of sleep deprivation. If you have nearly lost your mind counting sheep, meditation is a helpful method to relax and fall asleep. Even if you tend to get sleepy as soon as you start to meditate, it’s not a big deal! The more you sleep, the better your memory will be! If meditation is used this way to improve study skills automatically, there is no reason to ignore the practice. 

Remember that meditation should not be forced. If you close your eyes and start laughing, it’s a normal process that means things just work! There is no need to feel pressured or try to achieve immediate nirvana, as you only have to relax and do your best to calm down! 

– Changes in Perception of the World. 

They often say that meditation can make you happy. As a college student, you may hesitate to start because it feels just like another advertisement. The practice shows that the only thing that you have to invest is your time and dedication. As for the happiness part, it is still true because meditation helps people feel inspired and develop positive thoughts. Even when you feel stressed beyond belief and wish to give up, meditation helps your mind to make an urgent switch and stay focused on other things ahead.

It can be your favorite hobby, listening to music, or meeting an old friend in the near future. When you learn how to meditate, you also learn to dream and feel free. It is one of the reasons why meditation is so often associated with a sense of happiness. Meditation also helps to boost one’s emotional state as the prefrontal cortex of the brain becomes more active. Technically speaking, it helps to activate our brains and produce endorphins, thus helping us to feel better. 

When Depression Strikes!

The majority of modern students do not even realize it when they are fighting depression and academic anxiety, which typically comes along. As we blame tight deadlines and the inability to memorize things, we often believe that our emotional health is something totally different. We feel pressured and even start blaming others for our academic or personal failures and lack of motivation. The key is to find the right balance between what we wish to achieve and the things that must be done. 

When there is no solution that seems easily available, our brain tends to give up and feel depressed. From hormonal changes to emotional outbursts, we must work hard and learn more than one meditation method. Depression is always a serious issue, yet it can be handled with the help of self-control and discipline. Let’s not forget that we can control our thoughts and make the right choices even through those situations where it feels like there is no way out. Once we can find a moment of peace for meditation, there is always the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel! 

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