Published on July 4, 2024

How to Choose a Right Child Therapist in Edmonton

Finding the right kind of therapy and asking good questions can help you find the best therapist for your child in Edmonton. 

Why Does Your Child Might Need Therapy?

Sometimes kids and teenagers need help with their feelings or problems. If you think your child isn’t doing as well as they should, they might need therapy.

About 14% of kids between 5 and 17 years old go to therapy each year. A good therapist in Edmonton can help your child deal with things like:

  • Mental health problems like worry or sadness
  • Trouble with learning
  • Problems with other people
  • Issues with parents or friends
  • Stressful events like parents splitting up or someone dying

But how do you find the right therapist for your child? It takes time and knowing what to ask and who to ask.

What Are The Different Types of Therapists in Edmonton?

Your child might need a social worker, a psychologist, a psychiatrist, or a mix of these. Each type of therapist has different training and does different things.


Marriage and family therapists (MFT) and professional counselors have a master’s degree in counseling. They look at how your family works, your child’s behavior, and their surroundings to help your child adjust and live well.

Clinical Social Workers 

Clinical social workers have a master’s degree in social work. They try to help your child do well in their environment. They can help with school problems like stress, bad behavior, or bullying. They also help your child connect better with family.

Clinical Psychologists 

Clinical psychologists have a doctorate in psychology. They can do many things for kids. If your child is struggling in school or might have a condition like ADHD or autism, a psychologist can test them. They often use research-based therapy and work with kids who have more complex issues.

Psychiatrists and Psychopharmacologists 

These are medical doctors. If your child needs medicine for worry, sadness, ADHD, or other conditions, they can prescribe it and check how it’s working.

What Are The Different Types of Therapy in Edmonton?

There are many kinds of therapy for kids and teens. The right one depends on your child’s age and why they need therapy.

Here are some common types:

Play Therapy 

This is great for young kids who need help with emotions or have been through something stressful. The therapist uses toys, dolls, games, or art to help your child express feelings. While playing, the therapist helps your child work through emotions.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) 

CBT is used for kids with attention problems, mood issues, fears, and compulsions. The therapist helps your child understand their thoughts, words, and actions. Then they work on better ways to respond. They might teach your child things like meditation or help them face their fears.

Talk Therapy

 Having someone to listen and help solve problems can be very important. In talk therapy, your child can:

  • Learn skills to solve their problems
  • Understand and express feelings instead of acting out
  • Build stronger, healthier relationships
  • Learn to say what they need

Group Therapy 

If your child has social problems, group therapy can help them learn social skills with others like them. It can also build confidence, especially for shy kids or those who’ve been bullied.

Family Therapy 

If your family is going through a hard time (like divorce, illness, death, or money problems), family therapy can help you understand and support each other better. Everyone gets to say how they feel, and you’ll learn to communicate better and improve your relationships.

How to Find a Good Therapist for Your Child in Edmonton?

Once you know what kind of therapist and therapy your child needs, it’s time to get recommendations. Ask around, and try to interview at least three therapists.

Good people to ask for recommendations in Edmonton:

  • School psychologist, social worker, or guidance counselor
  • Your child’s doctor
  • Trusted friends
  • Local community or parent groups
  • Your health insurance company

What Are The Questions to Ask a Child Therapist in Edmonton?

Therapists often offer a free short phone call with potential new clients. If you need more time, you can schedule a longer talk before introducing them to your child.

Make a list of questions to ask. Think about what’s most important to you in a therapist.

Some general questions to ask:

  • Do you have open times for new clients? Can you work around school hours?
  • Do you take insurance? What do you charge per hour?
  • What’s your experience working with children?
  • Do you have training in working with different cultures?
  • What kinds of therapy do you use with children? With teens?
  • How often do you meet with parents?
  • Will you talk to my child’s teacher or school counselor?
  • How long do children usually stay in therapy with you?

If your child has a specific problem or has been through something stressful, ask about the therapist’s experience with that.

Some specific questions to ask:

  • Do you know about [specific issue]?
  • How long have you worked with kids who have [specific issue]?
  • How do you usually work with kids who have [specific issue]?
  • What’s your experience working with kids from [specific community]?
  • How long does therapy usually take for kids with [specific issue]?
  • What do you think about using medicine?

What to Do Next?

If you’re looking for a highly qualified child therapist in Edmonton, consider Marcia Buhler, a registered psychologist with extensive experience in working with children and families. Marcia specializes in helping kids navigate a range of issues, from emotional and behavioral challenges to family transitions and school-related stress. 

With a compassionate and personalized approach, Marcia Buhler provides a supportive environment where your child can thrive. 

Consult Marcia Buhler to learn more about her services and how she can help your child lead a healthier, happier life.

Finding the right therapist for your child and sticking with it can make life better for your child and for you.

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