Published on July 24, 2023

Is a Luxury Rehab Facility Right for You?

by Psych Times Staff

Most rehab facilities for drug and alcohol use are established to provide personalized, high-quality care. In such facilities, you receive wrap-around support and encouragement. Medical professionals are also on-hand to guide you on your sobriety journey. There’s no denying that standard facilities are more than satisfactory for most people’s needs. However, you might consider checking into a luxury rehab facility for some of the following reasons: 

Desirable Locations

Many people struggle with being in a rehab facility so close to their familiar triggers. However, facilities proximate to your home address are often the only option. Location is one of the many desirable benefits of luxury treatment for substance use. When you enter such a facility, you can often temporarily move to some of the most beautiful coastal and mountainous locations. The serene isolation and fresh air can make your stay much more comfortable. 

High-Quality Therapy and Treatment Options

Standard rehab facilities provide a range of effective treatment options. These include medication-assisted treatment, group therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). You’ll also find those same services at luxury rehab facilities. 

However, luxury rehab facilities often provide more advanced, innovative, and even experimental therapies. These are paired with experienced providers at the helm. In essence, patients can choose from a broader range of treatment options to suit their individual needs.

Desirable Amenities

Standard rehabilitation centers offer essential amenities to help patients recover from addictions. Safety and support are their primary focus. There’s no denying that you’ll receive the help you need in such a facility. Still, amenities are often far more deluxe in luxury rehab facilities.

You often have more space to enjoy and better quality private and shared spaces. These facilities also provide access to non-essential but appreciated services. Physical trainers, yoga teachers, full-service kitchens, and massage therapists are some of the offerings. In most cases, luxury rehab facilities also offer individual rooms to patients. That isn’t always the case in standard centers. 

More Flexibility

Not everyone can step away from their everyday life for weeks or longer at a time. This can be especially true if you have work obligations as a business leader. Luxury rehab facilities can be an ideal option for those who can’t disconnect from all facets of their life. 

You’re still guided toward sobriety. However, you’re often given more freedom to maintain professional connections. In traditional rehab facilities, laptops and other digital devices can be discouraged. This is normally so you can focus on your mental health and recovery. 

Personalized Care

Most facilities aim to provide as much personalized care as possible. However, it can be more challenging in standard facilities with high client-to-specialist ratios. In luxury facilities, client-to-specialist ratios are often lower. Patients also enjoy more customized treatment plans with more specialist focus. Receiving such personalized care can be a weight off your mind. You know you’ll always receive the most appropriate treatment.

There is nothing wrong with rehabilitation services provided at a traditional rehab center. Many people experience incredible success and appreciate the time spent in them. However, luxury rehab centers can be desirable for those seeking a more comfortable experience.

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