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Published on December 15, 2023

9 Ways You Can Convince the Boss You Should be Working Remotely

The dream of the modern office worker no longer includes a flashy corner office but, instead, the comforts of working from home.

A Gallup survey found that 8 in 10 remote-capable workers expect and prefer remote or hybrid work styles.

But what does that say for those workers who still haven’t been offered any remote working opportunities? 

In the following article, we’ll address the 9 best methods to convince your boss that you should be working from home.

Without further ado…

9 ways to persuade your manager that you should work remotely

#1. Start part-time

Many hybrid and remote workers got their start by asking for part-time remote hours. It allows employers to monitor changes in productivity and morale before committing to hybrid working styles full-time.

Start by asking for a Monday or Friday to be a weekly work-from-home (WFH) day — if you achieve the same or better results at home, your employer will be more open to remote work in the future.

#2. Gather your statistics

Let’s face it… most managers only care about one thing in particular, and that’s cold-hard data. So if you’re appealing to them for WFH opportunities, prepare your strongest statistics ahead of time.

Remote work statistics are available everywhere online. Most reports prove that remote working saves on work hours, employee retention, efficiency, and so much more.

#3. Create a rock-solid WFH plan

Many employers are simply unaware of how remote work works. You’ll need to develop a detailed plan that outlines to your employer:

  • Your expectations on a daily or weekly level;
  • If working in different timezones, an agreed-upon work schedule;
  • WFH policies that work and are used by similar companies.

Does a VPN protect you on public WiFi? Be sure to add remote cybersecurity measures in your WFH plan, including VPNs, 2FA, password security, etc.

#4. Take a sick day

This sneaky little trick has worked surprisingly well for some individuals. Ask for a sick day, then ask if you can also get some work done at home. Seems innocent enough, right?

At home, push your productivity to the max and prove that once and for all, even if you’re sick, you’re more efficient in a remote setting.

#5. Find the right superior

Oftentimes, it’s all about who you’re asking — if your direct supervisor is a stick in the mud, find another manager to be your WFH advocate.

This individual should be aware of your performance but also have the power to make changes within the company, like your HR manager.

#6. Offer a backup or alternatives

Don’t be surprised if your first WFH plan gets scrapped. This is why it’s so important to include contingency plans.

These backup plans become policy if your original plan doesn’t work. Even if never used, contingencies make your managers feel more at ease with the transition.

#7. Gather colleagues with similar mindsets

If you’re feeling a bit like David vs. Goliath, it’s clear you need some backup. Reach out to your colleagues to build a network of WFH advocates within your workplace.

With a team, creating work schedules and presenting plans to management becomes much easier and less daunting.

#8. Bump up your productivity

You need to give a bit to take a bit… if you’re dedicated to reaching a remote work style, prove your commitment through your day-to-day productivity.

Paired with WFH data, you can make the point that this productivity will only increase in a remote environment. In this way, it doesn’t make business sense for your employers to keep you in the office.

#9. Choose your battles wisely

You gotta know when to hold ‘em… just because all of your plans and data make perfect sense to you doesn’t mean your managers will be receptive.

Some managers need more time to process and approve these modern working styles. Know when it’s the right time to make your plea and when to be patient. 

Wrapping up…

In the years following the pandemic, WFH has been a serious issue for debate in the business world. For some employees, the desire to work from home is too great.

With enough persistence and some of the methods explained here, you can spend 2024 working from couch instead of your office cubicle.

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