Published on May 8, 2024

How to Dodge Desk Job Aches and Pains at Work

You probably already knew this, but sitting at a desk all day can take a surprising toll on your body. While sure, moving around a lot like at a logistics center or hospital is known for causing pretty bad pain, it’s the same for desk jobs too. But regardless of your job, you’ll need to stay active– that’s a fact. But desk jobs are known for being their own type of discomforts, maybe not aching feet but some other discomforts. 

Just think about it for a moment; from backaches to neck pain, the discomforts associated with desk jobs are not only annoying but can also have long-term effects on your health. So, at the end of the day, it’s honestly all about having the right preventative measures; you can protect your health and improve your comfort at work. So, with that said, here’s what you need to know to prevent common desk job-related issues!

Ergonomics is Key

Honestly, this is probably where most of the pain happens, thanks to the lack of ergonomics. So, you’re going to want to try and set up your workstation to support your body correctly. If you have control of these things, then you need to try and do this (such as a home office), but of course, it’s not your fault if you have no control or your employer won’t let you make adjustments. 

So, things like an ergonomic chair are needed for supporting your lower back; if you can adjust your monitor for eye level, you should; the same goes for slouching- just don’t do it, and keep your knees at a right angle. So, this all sounds uncomfortable, but it’s needed. Yes, by all means, it’s great getting to have fancy ergonomic furniture, but if you can’t, then it’s best to focus on your posture as much as possible.

You’ll Need Breaks

By breaks, this doesn’t mean sitting and scrolling on your phone while you eat a quick snack. When it comes to breaks, you need to use this chance to move around. So, just give yourself the chance to stand up, stretch, and walk around at least every hour. It’s really going to help prevent back, shoulder, and neck pain, as well as, of course, circulation. Speaking of poor circulation, did you know that it can contribute to the development of hemorrhoids? 

It’s actually one of those very common issues that’s almost always unspoken of (for obvious reasons). Obviously, it’s far from ideal to deal with that and the sheer discomfort that comes with it. While hemorrhoid removal is an option, it’s still best to avoid this problem entirely, and circulation is the key to it. So, make sure throughout the day you’re moving around and getting the blood pumping. 

Do Some Stretching

Did you know that in Japan, when it comes to desk jobs, everyone will take a mandatory break together to do some stretches? In fact, when it comes to stretches, there’s a strong emphasis on doing this throughout the day for everyone of all ages in Japan. It’s all about preventing strain, that’s it (and circulation, just like what was mentioned earlier); simple shoulder shrugs, neck rolls and wrist stretches throughout the day can significantly reduce the risk of strain.

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