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Published on October 2, 2023

Is Your Job too Stressful? 4 Alternative Low-Stress Careers to Consider Instead

You’ve been feeling overwhelmed at work lately. Every day brings a new avalanche of tasks, deadlines, and pressure. You dread the idea of returning to a desk filled with papers that never seem to end.

If this is your current situation, it’s a good sign you should be considering a different job. Or, maybe you should be considering a new career. Career change is not uncommon nowadays when it’s easy to access high-quality online classes.

So take the plunge and look for a career that’ll have you smile every day while on your way to the office. Here are a few ideas:

Low-Stress Careers to Consider

Before we begin, please keep in mind that the best low-stress career is the one that best suits your skills and passions.

1. Fitness Instructor

If you’re passionate about fitness and enjoy sharing your knowledge with whoever will listen, you may become a great fitness instructor. But you first have to get certified. 

Luckily, there are numerous institutions offering diverse training programs depending on your interest. It could be yoga, Zumba, strength training, or Pilates – the choice is yours. Generally speaking, these courses require no prior educational qualification. The main requirement is a profound interest in fitness and wellness.

Being a fitness instructor also comes with lots of perks, like living an active lifestyle, which is mandatory if you want to stay healthy as you age. Also, you get the satisfaction of guiding others towards healthier lives by creating various strategies to optimize physical and mental health.

Fitness instructors also have a flexible work schedule, so maintaining a work-life balance becomes easier.

2. Travel Agent

Becoming a travel agent typically involves acquiring some form of specialized training or certification. Many community colleges offer courses and degree programs in travel and tourism, but it is also possible to gain the necessary skills through vocational schools or online courses. 

Keep in mind that different states have different licensing requirements. Therefore, becoming a travel agent in Texas may be different from becoming one in California or New York. Make sure to get the correct information before applying for a certification.

Once you have your license, you can join a travel agency or start your own business. The focus will mainly be planning, organizing, and booking trips for clients based on their unique preferences and budget.

The main benefits of being a travel agent are a flexible schedule and the chance to work from home. It also comes with the satisfaction that you help others create memorable experiences. Even more, the job often comes with enticing perks like discounted travel packages, free accommodation, and the chance to visit exotic locations for work.

3. Landscape Photographer

Imagine yourself surrounded by lush green forests, infinite flowery meadows, and whispering mountain streams. This mental picture can already start the healing process from working a stressful 9 to 5.

The good news is that you can have all of that and earn money from your experiences. And you don’t need a formal education – just an eye for good angles, some knowledge about photography, and the determination to become a landscape photographer.

You also need to develop a good understanding of photographic principles like light, composition, color balance, and so forth. Investing in quality equipment is also crucial, but don’t go overboard. After all, it’s not just the gear, but how you use it that counts.

4. Art Therapist

This career path is a bit more difficult since you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in psychology, social work, or a related field. You also need a master’s degree in art therapy from an accredited program. These programs typically consist of coursework, supervised clinical experience, and a thesis project.

Aside from education, you should possess sound soft skills such as empathy and excellent communication abilities. Patience is another valuable trait since progress in clients’ health might not be immediately apparent.

When you’ve satisfied these requirements and gained the necessary experience, you’ll be prepared to obtain certification through the Art Therapy Credentials Board.

So, is it worth all this effort?

As an Art Therapist, you facilitate healing and personal growth using creative expression. The job also opens a path to better understanding one’s emotional well-being, which can be healing for both the therapist and their patients.

Moreover, you won’t have time to get bored! Every client presents unique situations, which reduces the monotony to a minimum.

Wrap Up

Closing the door on a stressful job might seem scary and daunting. But remember, any career switch is an opportunity for growth and rediscovering your passion. A fulfilling job isn’t one that drains you mentally or physically but keeps you engaged, content, and motivated.

Whether it’s immersing yourself in the active world of fitness as a trainer, making sure people have their dream vacations, inspiring others as a landscape photographer, or exploring the mind as an art therapist, options abound.

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