July 7, 2022

5 Common Anxiety Triggers and How to Avoid Them

Anxiety is something that affects around 40 million Americans each year. It’s a common type of mental disorder that can hinder people’s lives and lifestyles in many different ways. While anxiety is highly treatable, just over a third of all people receive treatment for it.

You’re probably looking at this blog post today because you have some level of anxiety, and you’d like to manage it better. Perhaps you’re getting treatment for anxiety or are thinking of seeing your doctor about it.

One of the best ways to tackle anxiety is by addressing or recognizing the triggers. The thing about anxiety triggers is that some people don’t know what triggers them. With that in mind, take a look at the following common anxiety triggers and learn ways of avoiding them:

1. Stress

It is no surprise that stress tops the list of anxiety triggers. Everyone experiences stress in their daily lives, but for some, their stress levels are more than they can comprehend.

Stress triggers can impact people in different ways. For example, stress can cause them to tongue-thrust in their sleep, resulting in teeth overbite and needing treatment to correct teeth overbite.

It can be challenging, but it’s worth exploring what causes your stress and taking steps to tackle it, such as making specific lifestyle changes.

2. Lack of Sleep

It’s no secret that everyone needs to have at least seven or so hours of uninterrupted sleep each night to function correctly. The mind and body use that downtime to do some internal housekeeping, resulting in a refreshed feeling when they wake.

Insomnia can cause all kinds of mental and physical health problems – and it can also be a trigger for anxiety.

Determine what is causing your insomnia. For instance, it could be too much screen time before bed or lights or sounds disturbing your sleep at night, and look at ways of tackling those causes.

3. Finances

It’s only natural for people to feel anxious about their finances – especially if they have a family to support.

The rising cost of living, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the general negativity surrounding some current socio-economic events in the world all impact things like job security and wages.

If you feel anxious about your finances, it’s worth looking at ways to increase your income, such as getting a different job or doing a side gig from home in your spare time.

4. Conflict

For various reasons, some people find it hard to deal with conflict. As a result, being in the face of conflict can make them feel anxious, especially if they feel there is no prospect of resolution.

If you cannot cope with conflict, it’s worth learning about conflict resolution techniques to help you lower your anxiety levels.

5. Social Gatherings

Another leading trigger of anxiety is dealing with social gatherin gs. Some people find it almost impossible to interact with others and will often go to great lengths to avoid talking with people they know, let alone strangers.

If you feel you experience anxiety due to the stress of being in social gatherings, it’s worth seeking help from a mental health professional to identify the cause of your anxiety and help overcome it.


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