July 8, 2022

Quick Tips to Calm Anxiety

There are different levels of anxiety, and some people do better with medication and therapy, while others will find benefit in learning some small management techniques. Since everyone is unique, it can be useful to try a few different options until you find the one that helps bring you back to a place of calmness. 


Anxiety can feel like it has come from nowhere, but for many people who are going through it, there might just be a trigger. Often writing at the moment can be too difficult, but writing later in the day might help uncover some things that have been bothering you.  

You might find that there are some similarities between the days you have anxiety and those you don’t. This can help you figure out how to cope better. 

Five things

In the middle of an anxiety attack, or as you feel one building up, it can be very useful to find five things of the same color and say them out loud. You can use the method to do five things you can see, five things you can hear, five things you can touch. 

This helps to focus your brain at the moment. It can be very grounding and bring your back down a little bit. 

Cold water

If you have someone around you that can get you a cold glass of water or are able to get one yourself, this can feel incredible. The reason to get water is two-fold – one is because being dehydrated makes anxiety worse, and the other is the cold sensation of the water can bring you back into yourself. 

Find ways to help yourself calm down, and let those around you know how to help you too. 

Anxiety is more prevalent than ever, just as this infographic shows us: 

Infographic about  reported cases of anxiety and depression is in line with covid numbers


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