Published on December 16, 2022

How to Fight Depression by Learning Foreign Languages

Beating depression is always challenging because it requires switching your mind to something else or blocking all the typical emotions that bring you into a particular state. It’s one of the reasons why learning foreign languages can act as a safe ground to express yourself as your brain transitions to a different and unknown environment. Some people may call it a case of escapism in a certain sense, yet a person trying to learn a language just uses different tools for self-healing and expression purposes. Moreover, learning a foreign language is a way to find new friends and explore different cultures that may change a person’s attitude and find mental release. 

Set Yourself a Schedule!

Depression has a strong tendency to keep things vague as you are lost and confused. It’s only natural to feel like you cannot accomplish anything, yet the trick is always to push yourself forward and set time limits for something you must do. When you are determined to start with a foreign language, you have to create a learning outline and set a special schedule. It will be enough to allocate at least 15 minutes and learn. It has to be set to the same time of the day to train yourself and to bring a certain element of being strict. In truth, you are simply avoiding procrastination and keeping yourself motivated. 

Explore The Basic Facts! 

When you start learning foreign languages, it is always helpful if you take your time to explore the facts and traditions of a foreign country. It will make it easier to understand some odd customs and learn more about the history of the land. It will help you see things differently as you reflect on your own life and reconsider specific stereotypes that may make you feel depressed. This exploration is essential for any person’s mental health as we learn about the world and how different people perceive certain things and challenges. 

Start With The Writing Part!

Do not ignore the writing part as you explore grammar and pronunciation. While it’s only natural to focus on your spelling skills, there is an important cognitive aspect as you will train your memory and seek linguistic similarities that will make your brain more active. As you tend to write more and express simple things in another language, your brain will release toxins and eliminate high stress and anxiety levels. Since you shall be doing it in another language, your brain will be tricked into thinking and working differently, thus allowing you to express yourself without mental barriers. 

Listen to The Foreign Language! 

Even though you may not wish to hear anything or anyone, listening to people talk in a foreign language is a totally different experience. Your brain has to learn how to identify unknown words! You will always feel more confident and rewarded as the first simple phrases will start making sense. You can start with subtitled movies or short videos that can be found online on YouTube. Furthermore, you may talk to a foreigner in person or via video conferencing if you have a chance. It will help you to expand your audiovisual skills!

Plan Your Future Travels! 

Even if you only master basic language skills, it’s high time to make plans as you explore the world and see what places to visit to learn more about the country where a certain language is spoken. You can start by preparing your travel documents and focusing on what you can do during your visit. It’s also possible to explore your hobbies and interests, visit that fancy shop, or see art exhibitions. You can even look for a remote job by posting your resume, as you already have the basic language skills to show. Don’t forget to approach online translation companies to keep text accurate. It’s best to choose human translation methods and explain your situation first to ensure that you receive precisely what you may expect! 

Join The Local Communities!

Regardless of where you may be located, there are friendly communities of ex-pats (foreign speakers) you can join. If you’re trying to learn Spanish in the United States, you will have more chances of finding new friends who speak it. If you need something more exotic, you can turn to the cultural centers or the embassies to find out more information about what local groups you can join to learn and interact with the natives. As you keep yourself busy and push your communication skills forward, depression will cease to exist! 

Learning Must Be Inspiring!

Fortunately, learning a foreign language nowadays is quite different if we compare it to the methods and techniques used even a few decades ago. It was partially because of the technology and access to multimedia materials and short videos that native speakers have recorded. Some language learning apps also make it possible to talk to foreigners directly as you learn, or choose interactive quizzes based on your topic of interest. 

Such an approach will help boost your motivation and find something special as you expand your linguistic horizons and focus on the vocabulary that will make it possible to explain your interests to a person from another country. When you can direct your studies, things always seem brighter as inspiration kicks in! Do not just choose any app for your learning or limit yourself to a book – explore and let your mind make the right choice! 

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