Published on December 16, 2022

7 Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language for Mental Health

Learning a foreign language may sound challenging if you have been told that you are not good at learning something that requires great memory skills and natural talent. Still, it all comes down to the methods or the tools that you use to master something unknown! The human brain is made this way as it seeks something it can relate to while scanning through foreign words and the set of rules. 

Modern learners have way more benefits today because they can go beyond the grammar tenses and pronunciation rules by exploring various cultures and actually talking to foreigners to find out whether they are doing it the right way. It helps to expand one’s creative horizons and address personal issues like a lack of confidence or poor communication skills. Learning a language also helps to address mental health challenges as the learners face certain objectives and learn how to overcome them! 

7 Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language for Mental Health

1. You Perceive Information Differently. 

The majority of problems related to mental health include the blockage of information that takes place because people tend to fight PTSD cases or approach various traumas by locking themselves. When a person learns a foreign language, the perception of information becomes different as there are unknown words and a culture that is usually the total opposite of what one may be accustomed to. This shift in analysis and the presence of strategic thinking helps to pull out from the anxiety, stress, and depression as learning becomes a proverbial safe haven. 

2. You Can Travel More.

We all need a change of picture, which is why learning a foreign language is a great opportunity to travel and get away from an environment that may be abusive or extremely toxic. Even if you are only starting with your foreign language studies, you will already enjoy the benefits as you can talk to foreigners and challenge yourself to explore unknown social circles and address your fears and apprehensions. Do not forget to prepare your documents first before you plan your travel destinations. You can get in touch with online translation services and explain your situation. Since there are thousands of people requesting linguistic help, it’s always helpful if you can ask for assistance early and schedule your meeting to have things ready! 

3. Your Life’s Conceptions Change.

Learning a foreign language, you are automatically starting to explore the world and think differently as the East and the West will always differ. Even if you learn about some movie or a book in a foreign language or see some theater performance while barely understanding things, your vision will change as the positive and transformative processes take place. In terms of healing, you become transformed into a different reality where many things that may make you feel sad, frightened, and depressed are not present. 

4. Learning About Different Cultures

Even if you start with a foreign language app that contains flashcards and basic dialogues, you will be surprised as you learn how people tend to be more reserved or friendlier. Depending on the language you start with, you will always discover new facts about foreign cultures and learn that we are all the same, yet we have specific traditions and customs that we practice. When we expand our vision and become open-minded to new cultures, we also learn to see things clearer and avoid mental procrastination. 

5. Meeting New People and Improving Your Social Skills

Another important benefit is working on your social skills as you can use more than one language to get your message across. You can also focus on language apps that let you talk to foreigners and make new friends. 

6. Improving Your Cognitive Skills.

Learning a foreign language always addresses your existing cognitive abilities by constantly pushing your brain toward new territories. If you are dealing with dyslexia or any other learning challenges, starting with a foreign language may act as a way to overcome mental barriers as you approach things differently. The majority of mental health resources online will even recommend starting with a language learning practice as a way to train memory and address pronunciation issues as every language will have specific speed and breathing techniques.

7. Getting Creative and Writing in Another Language

When you gain more linguistic skills, you can proceed with starting a foreign language blog or become engaged with social work as you meet people from all over the world. Starting with postcards to foreign friends to basic blogging where you express yourself in another language, the sky’s the limit! 

What Learning Method Should I Choose?

Since we all learn differently and have specific perceptions of how to master words and pictures, the best solution would be to try anything from flashcards to basic YouTube videos that may help you with pronunciation. If you want to expand your skills and focus on something specific (like business learning or arts), you must take your time to explore and go beyond the basic offerings. Of course, it’s essential to start with simple language learning apps or learn the basic phrases to get the feel of the unknown language. There are many learning methods that may not work for you at first, yet as you progress with your studies and master the basics, you may make a transition and understand how something might be helpful. Likewise, if you are a total beginner, it does not mean that complex grammar rules are not meant for you because it all depends on your mental state and the way you estimate and analyze the information. 

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