Published on February 21, 2024

How to Write Better Essays: An Ultimate Guide

Have you ever tried to write essays for your college or university? If so, you definitely know that no essay can be written without proper essay writing skills. Each essay’s primary goal is to let you express your thoughts and opinions on a specific issue. However, it’s important to remember about structure, appropriate word choice, coherence, logic, transitional words, and academic requirements to write a great essay. Let’s focus on some practical tips to write better papers and submit professional essays that will impress your readers.

The Most Valuable Lesson to Get Better at Writing Essays

The more you practice, the better you get! It’s the main rule you should follow if you aim to improve the quality of your papers. Try to spend at least 30 minutes per day writing short essays on various topics. This activity may help you develop your writing skills and make your essays more coherent and professional. Such a task will help your brain focus on the critical points you want to discuss in your paper and generate new ideas quickly. 

It’s always a good idea to use external assistance when you need to submit a high-quality paper. Modern learners use multiple online companies, such as EssayHave, which provide excellent essay writing service, allowing students to get the highest grades for their work. Such a company not only helps you with your academic challenges but also shows you how professional essays should look, allowing you to write essays better. 

Effective Tips to Write Better Essays

Appropriate structure significantly influences the overall quality of your essay. The following steps will also allow you to structure your paper and get better at writing:

    • Choose a topic you are passionate about. If your teacher has specified the issue you should discuss, you must follow this requirement and write an essay on a specific topic. However, if you can select the theme for your essay, do your best to find a problem that is important to you. Essay writing is an excellent opportunity for students to share their thoughts and ideas on relevant topics.
  • Conduct research. This process may help you examine multiple opinions on the topic you are going to discuss. Your awareness of various positions allows you to analyze the problem from different perspectives and write better essays.
    • Start with an outline. What points do you want to cover in your paper? Do you need your essay to demonstrate only your opinion, or counter-arguments should be discussed as well? These questions will help you to identify the most critical aspects you should analyze in your paper. Write a short but detailed outline that may help you remember the most crucial elements of your paper and make your essay logical and smooth.
    • Write an introduction. The first paragraph of your essay should provide a background of your topic. This paragraph helps your readers understand why you have chosen this particular issue. Remember that this part of your paper cannot include citations. Use this section to discuss general information related to your topic and make readers interested in reading the following paragraphs.
    • Develop a good thesis statement. Your thesis statement is one of the most critical parts of your essay. It’s the last sentence of your introduction that should show the main idea of your paper. The thesis statement makes others understand your position and realize what you’re going to talk about in your essay.
    • Remember that each body paragraph must focus on one important idea. If you want to write better essays in English, make your body paragraphs easy to understand. Try to discuss one idea per paragraph, start the body paragraphs with introduction sentences, and end them with concluding sentences. Moreover, all body paragraphs should be similar in length to make your paper visually appealing.
  • Don’t forget about the conclusion. Your conclusion is as important as your introduction. The last paragraph of your essay should sum up all the points you have discussed in your paper. This part should make your reader realize your message or call for action.

Additional Recommendations to Make Your Essay Perfect

If you focus on better essay writing, you should know about such aspects as transitional words, citations, references, and formats. When you want to share your thoughts with your readers, you expect them to understand all the points correctly. Therefore, your writing must be as clear as possible to let others analyze the topic from your perspective and realize your position.

Transitional words play a vital role in your writing since they help readers follow your flow of thought. For example, if you discuss a specific aspect of your topic and want to add some additional information, it’s a good idea to use such words as firstly, secondly, finally, moreover, in addition, likewise, and others. These transitional words help people realize why you need them to consider the factors you discuss in this part. If you want to write about the opposite viewpoint, you can add the following words: however, on the other hand, and although. Your conclusion can start with such words as in concussion, to sum up, and overall, since they will inform others that you are going to summarize the most crucial points. 

Don’t forget to add citations and references to your paper if you want to make better essays. The quality of your paper often depends on the research you conduct before writing. A thorough analysis of scholarly sources provides you with new information and ideas and helps you support your arguments with credible articles, making your statements more convincing. The last page of your paper should contain the list of references you have used in your paper to let your readers check the sources you have cited. Remember to follow the format which your teacher has specified in the instructions because your grade will be based on your ability to follow the requirements.

Summing Up

Essay writing is a complicated process that requires you to develop your skills constantly. However, if you read a lot and practice enough, you’ll notice considerable improvements in your writing. Creating an outline, conducting extensive research, adding an introduction and conclusion to your paper, writing cohesive body paragraphs, citing relevant sources, and following all the requirements will allow you to submit a great essay. 

Remember that proofreading is one of the most important parts of the writing process. Make sure you have checked the spelling and grammar before submitting the paper. This process helps you analyze your writing from the reader’s point of view and understand whether all your points are clear and logical. If you follow all the tips discussed above, you will definitely write a high-quality essay that will impress your reader. Good luck!

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