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Published on February 21, 2024

Gaming Redux: 3 New Genres to Kickstart Your Gaming Passion

When it comes to gaming, one of the most important elements behind a successful title is playability. Playability is the idea that games should be satisfying to play for long stints and even in terms of replaying. An RPG, for example, is highly playable thanks to the dozens of minigames and side quests integrated throughout the game.

Developers are always seeking to find new ways to make games more playable. In fact, AI is now being used to help procedurally generate new levels in certain games. This means that levels are randomly created, meaning players will never face the exact same challenge twice. Still, some titles simply get old to play.

For hardcore gamers, some genres might even become a bit boring. It’s easy to feel like they’re playing the same characters in similar worlds who are facing mirrored obstacles. If you’re feeling a little bogged down with your current faves, then try something new. We’ve got three highly unique gaming genres that will kickstart your passion for trying new titles.

Casino Games

Given the popularity of casino gaming, it isn’t hard to find real money casino game offers from virtual providers. But we’re here to recommend you register your accounts and explore the world of iGaming. While casino gaming is one genre, it’s incredibly varied— which means there’s a title for everyone. 

For example, fans of logical thinking gravitate toward blackjack, while those who prefer short-form games usually stick to roulette and slots. If you want to try something new, then look into live dealer and game show titles—both are taking the casino gaming world by storm.

Visual Novels

Unlike casino games, you probably haven’t heard of visual novels. These are text-based games in which players navigate various situations, similar to a literary RPG. Both are forms of interactive fiction. But visual novels, as the title suggests, focus on graphics and visual storytelling

The romance genre is the most popular subcategory of visual novels. Amnesia: Memories and The Fruit of Grisaia feature protagonists tangled in romantic webs. However, horror is also a very common category, including hits like Vampire: The Masquerade and Doki Doki Literature Club. Along with romance and horror, subgenres include fantasy, sci-fi, and even sports.


The world of simulation games is more diverse than many think. For example, fans of soccer might check out semi-related simulations like Football Manager or Rocket League. Regardless of whether you want a realistic simulation or an imaginative one, these games can help introduce you to new mechanics, narratives, and settings. 

Good Pizza, Great Pizza is geared more toward relaxation, requiring players to fulfill pizza orders. Others, like Pocket City, are more in-depth city planning simulations that require time, thought, and diligence. Dive in however deeply you like—you may even learn something new along the way.

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