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Published on February 21, 2024

What’s New in Slots at Modern Online Casinos?

Slots are the most popular games in online casinos today. They offer to play, including for free, many playgrounds, including Red Dog Casino. New online slots have come a long way from the rather primitive slot machines of the last century to modern complex games with elements of interaction with players, skill requirements and interesting additional features. Every year there are new products that attract a large number of players from different countries. The year 2024 was no exception. It continued some trends, but there are also new games. About everything in order.

The main features of modern slots

Themes have not been something extraordinary in slots for a long time now. The Red Dog Casino site has games with a wide variety of themes. Some sites offer only games from one or more manufacturers, others boast a large catalogue. At the same time, even one manufacturer has games, as a rule, different themes. And if there are many suppliers of games, such as Red Dog Casino Novomatic, NetEnt, Microgaming, Igrosoft – this is only a small part of the list. Then there are even more themes.

In 2024, even more interesting, complete and unexpected are the additional features of slots that appeared in previous years:

  • Bonus rounds in a number of games began to be triggered not only when three scatters fall out, but also in other game situations. In a number of games they can be triggered, for example, after a winning round or simply by chance. Unexpected bonus is able to please any player and bring interesting prizes.
  • There are constantly new developments on the rotation of the drums themselves. In some games they are replaced by sliding, sliding, sliding, etc. Combinations can now not only be fixed, but also cause winning symbols to disappear along the lines of Tetris, creating even more opportunities for prizes.
  • The technology of cascading reels has also been developed. It is adopted by manufacturers from each other and used in different games with various new additional and sometimes very unexpected elements.

In general, the development of the industry continues, and the best online casinos, Red Dog Casino, constantly delight their visitors with novelties. Now almost every release carries some surprises, nuances, additional interesting features that help to prolong the entertainment and make it as unforgettable as possible.

Free play

Almost on all gaming sites, including the Red Dog Casino site, players have the opportunity to play in free mode. Here everything is exactly the same as in a real game, only the prizes are virtual. Players have the opportunity to practice in some slots, evaluate new products, go through bonus rounds, see the payout of a slot, develop certain tactics and strategies for themselves. Another plus of free play – it is an opportunity to have fun, just have fun or distract yourself without spending your budget. Well, and view all the new products in addition.

What you need to know about the device slot machines

Slot machine – a special gambling equipment placed in the gambling establishment for the entertainment of guests. The principle of operation is simple: insert a coin, banknote or a special ticket of the internal currency of the casino, pull a lever or press a button. Unlike other types of gambling, such as poker and blackjack, in slot machines you can get an economic advantage absolutely randomly. Knowing from the inside slot machines, the secrets of their functioning and other features, you can make the game more diverse and exciting.

Slot machines are divided by the type of devices into classic and video. Classic are always represented only by a three-reel mechanical system. Video – the most popular and the most widespread – function on the basis of a computer and have 5, 7, 9 lines. They can be played not only in a land-based casino, but also online.

Differences and peculiarities: which slot machines are more profitable to play

Slot machines can differ not only in the number of lines, but also the theme, and most importantly, the system of formation of winnings.

The most common slot machines – multi-line, that is, those in which the player can choose the number of lines on which the internal system of the device will look for favourable matches on the screen.

It is believed that the most profitable for the user are bonus machines and i-slots. Like other machines, they are released in a specific theme. They are also distinguished by the high quality of animation and musical accompaniment. But they became popular among players due to the extended and interesting bonus system. Here the player can get not only additional scrolling (spins), but also special levels.

Such machines can be equipped with a system of constant jackpot increase, and therefore received the name “progressive slots”.

Slot machines: secrets – winnings are not calculated

Today’s slot machines are little similar to the first analogue slot machines of the 20th century. The design of such devices have similar features, but the results are generated in a completely different way. Electronics is responsible for winning combinations, and a small board replaced the bulky gears and shafts. The playing field is presented in the form of a screen, which shows the results of the random number generator (RNG).

It is impossible to unravel the principles of accrual of winnings for slot machines (just because of the RNG). However, the administration of the casino carefully monitors the system of payments, and for fraudulent schemes immediately suspends the player from the process. However, there are still some secrets of slot machines. 

Features of the gaming process

Use slot machines casino slot machines are as convenient as possible, because they have a simple interface. The total bet per spin is determined using several criteria. The following characteristics affect the final amount of the bet:

  • The value of the coin. Calculations in slot machines are made with the help of internal game currency. One coin can have several credits.
  • The number of prize lines. Users can independently activate the required number of lines.
  • Line bet is the coins that put one line.

In some slot machines it is allowed to change only the total bet. This is due to the presence of a fixed number of lines. After determining the rate in slot machines you need to press the Start button.

Symbols and payouts in slot machines

The principle of forming winning combinations depends on the selected slot. To get a win, you need to collect several identical symbols on the screen. The average number of images on the drums is from 10 to 13. Some slots provide not only standard, but also special symbols. Special images have additional functions. Special symbols include:

  • Wild symbol.
  • Scatter.
  • Bonus symbols.

To learn more about the available list of symbols, you need to play online machines for money. The most popular is the “wild” sign. He is able to replace any image on the playing field to form a winning combination. To get free spins must wait for the fallout of the Scatter symbol. The maximum number of freespins can be obtained after the appearance of 5 Scatter images on the screen. Bonus symbols are required to trigger additional games.

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