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Published on October 3, 2023

Score High Grades with Your Gender and Politics Essay – Here’s How

Gender and politics are known as gender in politics. It is a discipline that deals with the gender studies and political sciences. Its main concern is how people participate in politics, especially women in politics and the impacts of gender. It is considered an interdisciplinary field as it contains not only gender and political studies but also feminist political thought and people’s gendered behaviour. 

Feminist scholars have made a great contribution to nationalism and politics, and the growth rate is increasing rapidly all over the world. According to the UK Parliament stats,

Women make up 321% of parliamentarians, including 225 female MPs. The number of MPs is fast growing as, following the 2019 general election, 220 MPs were women. From 1918 to 2023, 561 women were elected to the House of Commons; 31% were conservatives, and 55% were labour MPs. 

The graphs below represent the growing rate of women’s participation in politics and elected as MPs in general elections since 1979. 

Students of gender and politics learn and understand the gender issues, concepts, and debates about sexuality and gender in the field of politics. These students are assigned multiple assignments, including case studies, essays and coursework assignments.  

Gender and Politics Essay writing is the most common and essential assignment to asses students’ knowledge. And students can score high grades by formulating their essays in an impressive way. 

What is Gender and Politics Essay Writing?

Essays on race, gender and politics in world history are a way to master a body of ideas with supportive facts and evidence. In this writing, students gather accurate information relevant to a particular subject matter by reading already existing material on gender and politics essay topics. 

Writing this essay is a tough task for some of the students because it requires critical thinking and personal reflection on a political issue. Furthermore, it pushes students to come up with supportive arguments to prove their work. In this scenario, the students find this task scary under the pressure of a deadline. 

As a result, they look for someone to ask for professional assistance while writing their essay. Such students can contact The Academic Papers UK to avail of cheap essay writing services or follow our effective guidance on essay writing to attain high grades.

How to Write Gender and Politics Essay Impressively?

Writing an essay on gender and politics seems ridiculous for students, but you can write it effectively by following the below steps with some proven strategies.  The University of Kent represents the essay writing procedure in “Writing, Presenting and Submitting Politics Essays,

From the above figure, you can start your essay writing by analysing the gender and politics essay question. Research the question thoroughly to plan your essay. Utilise these sources and collected information to write your essays into sections and, after that, refine your work by editing and proofreading. So, let’s begin to explain these steps in detail. 

1. Understand the Research Question

The steps are to understand properly your assignment requirements. When you consider essay writing as a problem-solving activity, it will help in your giving a clear answer to the research question by targeting a specific subject matter. 

Read the essay title or topic carefully, or if you find some confusion in understanding, ask your professor for clarification. This tip will help you in analysing the research question that you are asking for a specific question and not for making general commentary. 

2. Conduct Your Research 

To write an effective piece of essay, you have to conduct in-depth searches about your topic. In this way, you have to go through different books, magazines, journals, research papers and web articles. Always research with a question in your mind about what you are looking for. 

You can collect the best relevant data by following the steps:

  • Start with brainstorming ideas. 
  • Search on Google Scholar 
  • Look at Google Books 
  • Ask a librarian to go through different relevant books 
  • Make your own notes. 

3. Plan Your Essay 

The first step is to understand the research question and give yourself enough time to plan your essay. Create a map that represents all the main arguments that you will follow in your essay. It is a best practice to organise your main points and material that you have collected. It provides you with a route through which you can structure your essay and divide information into sections.  

Mention your gender and politics essay topic at the top and write its supportive ideas with the branching, and try to cover its subpoints also. Ajda Kahveci, Sherry A. Southerland, and Penny J. Gilmer discussed “Feminist Theories” mind mapping by covering all the relevant sub-points of it in their thesis “Impact of a Women’s Program for Science, Mathematics and Engineering on Undergraduate Women: Activity Systems on the periphery. Their plan is represented below: 

4. Develop Essay Structure

Structuring your essay will align all the relevant information in a natural flow.  Usually, an essay structure contains three main sections.

  1. Introduction 
  2. Main body paragraphs 
  3. Conclusion 

5. Write an Attention-Grabbing Introduction

Start your essay by mentioning your thesis statement and mentioning all the key terms. Furthermore, it is a perfect place where you can grab your reader’s attention by emphasising the importance of your essay topic and its implications. 

6. Support your Thesis Statement with the Main Body 

Proceed your topic with the main body paragraphs by writing all the relevant evidence and supporting arguments in the main body section. The main body components include:

  1. Topic sentence 
  2. Supportive evidence 
  3. Supportive arguments
  4. Relevant details 
  5. Concluding sentence

7. Create a strong Conclusion 

Your conclusion section is inverted to the introduction. You can write your conclusion by moving specific to a general idea. It also contains a clear answer to the research problem you mentioned in your introduction. According to the University of New England, the conclusion section components are: 

  • Recap thesis statement
  • Summarise all the key points 
  • Broad statements 

8. Edit and Proofread Your Essay 

The last step is to edit and proofread your work to give it a more refined look. For that purpose, you need to analyse your essay deeply for grammar, spelling, punctuation, formatting and structure of your essay. 

To do this, you can divide your essay into small chunks: read, re-read or read loudly to evaluate mistakes, and after that, edit your essay to make it error-free. 


Crafting a gender and politics essay is a challenging task for students if they are unaware of how to write an essay impressively. Most of the students lack good academic writing skills; as a result, when they write, their essays will be full of flaws and errors in formatting, structuring, proofreading and editing, which ultimately affect their overall essay quality. And as a result, they get poor grades. 

Some students cannot complete their work on time due to poor essay planning, and in that way, they cannot meet their deadlines. Such students need a detailed guide while writing. Therefore, we have mentioned above the best 8 tips and steps for drafting your essay effectively. But if you do not want to write your own essay and are looking for professional assistance, you can avail cheap essay writing service and enjoy your high grades. 

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