Published on October 3, 2023

The Importance of a Drop Hitch that Measures Tongue Weight

by Psych Times Staff

Having the proper tongue weight is essential for safer towing. It helps prevent trailer sway uneven tire wear, and increases towing capacity.

To determine tongue weight, you’ll need a tape measure, a level, and a flat surface to park both the tow vehicle and the trailer. It is an excellent opportunity to find a nice spot to make your measurements on your next trailer trip.

Tongue weight is the weight of the fully loaded trailer.

The right drop hitch that measures tongue weight is vital to help you achieve proper weight and improve your towing experience. It is accomplished by ensuring your trailer and towing vehicle are level when attached, reducing the likelihood of trailer sway, improving ground clearance, and avoiding uneven tire wear.

The tongue weight of your loaded trailer should be between 10% and 15% of its total weight. The lower the tongue weight, the more stable your trailer will be, and the less stress it puts on your towing vehicle’s rear axle tires.

You will need a tape measure, a level, and a flat surface to park on to measure your tongue weight. Having these supplies on hand from the start will make it easier to work efficiently and check this off your list. Some drop hitches have a built-in scale that makes gauging your tongue weight as uncomplicated as coupling your trailer to the ball mount.

It’s a safety concern.

If the tongue weight (TW) of a trailer is too light, it can cause your vehicle and trailer to sway. It can be dangerous for you and others on the road. Towing can damage your vehicle’s frame, suspension, tires, drivetrain, and brakes. 

The proper TW for a trailer is between 10-15% of the gross trailer weight (GTW). It’s essential to know how much tongue weight your trailer has and ensure it’s within the safety range.

It’s a convenience.

Having the correct tongue weight is an easy way to ensure safety and a smooth towing experience. Whether you tow a camping trailer or a work material trailer, having the correct tongue weight will improve stability and handling, giving you peace of mind as you travel down the highway.

Using a tongue weight scale is an easy, convenient way to gauge your tongue weight and avoid expensive fines. Instead of relying on inefficient bathroom scales or making a trip to a weigh station, hook up your trailer to a drop hitch with a built-in tongue weight scale like the Weigh Safe and get readings while you drive down the road.

Drop hitches come in various heights to match the vehicle and trailer. Many also offer a rise option to help level the connection, which helps reduce stress on the towing system and improves fuel efficiency. Some adjustable drop hitches can even be flipped to give you either a drop or a rise for maximum versatility.

It’s a good idea.

Knowing your trailer tongue weight is a big part of safely towing and optimizing your load. Previously, measuring your tongue weight was an involved process that required either using inefficient bathroom scales or going to the trailer weigh station. The drop hitch solves this problem with a built-in scale, allowing you to gauge the weight of your trailer as you are hauling it.

For the trailer owner interested in more evenly distributing the weight of their trailer, the correct hitch height is essential. That is especially true for drivers who have lifted trucks and those who tow different-sized trailers with varying payloads. Thanks to the development of innovative towing accessories, ensuring your tow vehicle and trailer are at the proper tongue weight has never been easier or more convenient. That makes an excellent accessory for anyone on the road or in the driveway tinkering with their towing equipment.

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