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Published on September 22, 2023

How Many Calories Do I Need for Growing My Hair?

Hair is more than just a part of our appearance. It tells a story about our health, age, and even our habits. Some of us have thick, wavy locks, while others might have thin, straight strands. But did you know that what we eat affects how our hair grows? Yes, the food we eat plays a big role in keeping our hair strong and shiny. In this article, we’ll explore how the calories we consume can help our hair grow.

Understanding the Basics of Hair Growth

Our hair grows in a special way. Imagine it like a plant’s life cycle. Hair has three main stages:

1. Anagen Phase

This is the growing phase. Hair grows longer and stronger during this time. It can last for several years.

2. Catagen Phase

This is a short phase, lasting only a few weeks. Here, the hair stops growing and gets ready to shed.

3. Telogen Phase

This is the resting phase. The hair doesn’t grow but stays attached to the scalp. After some months, this hair will fall out, and a new one will start growing in its place.

Many things can affect how our hair grows. Some of these are in our control, like the food we eat, while others, like our genes or age, are not.

Caloric Intake and the Body

Every day, our body does many jobs. It helps us think, move, and even dream at night. For all these jobs, our body needs energy. This energy comes from the food we eat, especially from the calories in our food.

When we eat, our body takes these calories and uses them in many ways. Some calories help our heart beat, some let us run and play, and others help our hair and nails grow. If we eat just the right amount of calories, our body works best. But if we eat too little, our body might not have enough energy for everything, including growing hair.

Hair Growth and Nutrition

Just like a plant needs sunlight and water to grow, our hair needs certain nutrients to be healthy. These come from the food we eat. Here are some important ones:

1. Proteins

Our hair is mostly made of a protein called keratin. Foods like chicken, fish, eggs, and beans are packed with proteins that help our hair grow strong.

2. Vitamins

Some vitamins, like vitamin E, help keep our scalp healthy. Others, like biotin, are known to boost hair growth. We can find these in foods like nuts, spinach, and eggs.

3. Minerals

Iron, zinc, and selenium are minerals that our hair loves. They can be found in foods like beef, pumpkin seeds, and whole grains.

While these nutrients are key, our hair also needs energy to grow. This energy comes from calories. So, eating enough calories is just as important as getting these nutrients.

That is why all dietitians recommend you to calculate your tdee. You can use tdee calculator which makes it extremely easy for you to calculate how many calories you’ve burned during that day. You can get lots of other features making it easier for you to gain weight, maintain weight or lose your body fat.

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Estimating Caloric Needs for Optimal Hair Growth

Everyone’s body is a bit different. So, the number of calories we need can change based on things like our age, how active we are, and our general health.

To figure out how many calories you need:

1. Start with Basic Needs

Even if you were just sitting all day, your body would need calories. This is called your basal metabolic rate. It’s like the minimum charge a phone needs to stay on.

2. Add Activity

If you play sports or even just walk a lot, you’ll need more calories. It’s like using apps on your phone – the more you use, the more battery (or calories) you need.

3. Consider Hair Growth

While our hair doesn’t need a lot of extra calories to grow, making sure you get enough overall is crucial. Think of it as ensuring your phone has a little extra charge just in case.

Other Factors Affecting Hair Growth

Eating right is a big part of having healthy hair, but there are other things to keep in mind too:

1. Stress

Just like how we might feel tired or upset when we’re stressed, our hair can feel it too. It might grow slower or even start falling out. Finding ways to relax, like reading or taking deep breaths, can help.

2. Hormones

Our body has messengers called hormones. Sometimes, if these messengers get mixed up, our hair can grow slower or become thin.

3. Health Conditions

Some illnesses can affect our hair. If you notice big changes in your hair, it’s a good idea to talk to a doctor.

Practical Tips for Ensuring Adequate Caloric Intake

Eating the right amount of calories doesn’t have to be hard. Here are some simple tips:

1. Eat Balanced Meals

Try to include protein, grains, fruits, and vegetables in your meals. It’s like building a colorful puzzle with different pieces.

2. Stay Hydrated

Water doesn’t have calories, but it’s essential for our body and hair. Drink plenty throughout the day.

3. Avoid Quick Fixes

Skipping meals or going on crash diets might seem like a good idea, but they can hurt our hair in the long run. You can install the BMR Fitness Tracker app from the play store which provides you lots of features for free. The app helps you stay updated with nutritional value of food, tips for weight goals and lots more.

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Our hair is like a mirror that reflects our health and the choices we make every day. From the food we eat to how we handle stress, many things can impact how our hair looks and feels. Remember, it’s not just about eating a lot of food, but about eating the right food. By understanding how calories and nutrients work together, we can give our hair the best chance to grow strong and shiny. So, next time you’re choosing a meal or snack, think about how it might help your hair. Every little choice can make a big difference!

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