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Published on May 17, 2023

The Connection Between Physical Health and Mental Health

Staying physically and mentally healthy is a primary objective for everyone. Both are connected fundamentally as numerous associations between chronic and mental health conditions exist. These impact people’s life quality healthcare demands and build outcomes for society. 

WHO states that health is a significant state of mental, physical, and social well-being, and not only the absence of sickness or disability. Also, mental health is the source of good physical health, and there’s no health without it. 

Knowing if your minds and bodies work cooperatively reinforces your ability to make positive preferences for your health. So, without delay, let’s see the connection between mental and physical health. 

What happens when your mental health plummets?

You can maintain your physical well-being if your mental health is vital. In this regard, a psychiatrist opinion matters a lot as according to them, an optimistic view of life can lower the likelihood of heart attacks and strokes. Additionally, research indicates that joy lowers the body’s inflammatory levels.

On the other hand, your physical well-being may deteriorate as your mental health does. For instance, research indicates a connection between despair and symptoms of multiple sclerosis, thyroid issues, heart disease, cancer, and persistent discomfort.  

Good mental health can significantly contribute to a happier, more enjoyable life.

The Correlation between mental and physical health

Fatigue and mental illness

Symptoms of lack of energy and fatigue may continue due to depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions. Some people insensitively assert that “it’s all in your head”; however, science refutes this. Physical sleepiness follows mental fatigue.

Exhaustion and mental disorders are intimately related, and ongoing fatigue can quickly deteriorate physical health. Frequently depressed or anxious people are less inclined to exercise and, if they do, are more likely to stop soon. 

Additionally, mental disorders might make it difficult to practice proper sanitation, making a person more susceptible to sickness.

Sleep Quality

Your sleep may be impacted if you have poor mental health. It may be more challenging for certain people to acquire the recommended hours of sleep, essential for optimum functioning during the day, due to disorders including persistent stress and depressive symptoms.

Additionally, many mental health issues might make it more challenging to get or remain asleep due to the signs of sleep deprivation. Psychological and physical well-being are intertwined because one can easily affect the other. Sleep is no exception. Persistent sleep disorders like sleep apnea or sleeplessness can have a negative impact on one’s mental health.

Expected lifespan

As someone’s psychological well-being can influence their physical health in various aspects — and the contrary is also valid — it also affects how long they live. Ignoring mental health issues might reduce lifespan because they weaken your immune system or exacerbate pre-existing medical illnesses.

To conclude, the first step in establishing techniques to lessen the occurrence of co-existing disorders and assist people who currently struggle with mental illnesses and chronic physical problems should understand the connections between the body and the mind.

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