Published on January 18, 2023

Common Medical Emergencies and How to Handle Them

It’s unfortunate that medical emergencies happen; however, it’s even more unfortunate if you’re confused when it does. Knowing what to do and how to handle common medical emergencies can make a huge difference, not only for those affected by the emergency but for potentially saving lives in some situations. Having basic knowledge is everything, as this could mean the difference between life and death. Here are some of the most common medical emergencies and what you should do in each instance:

Traumatic Head Injury

Traumatic head injury is dangerous as it can easily result in brain dysfunction or damage, especially if not handled immediately. It occurs in an accident or when an object hits hard on the head leading to headache, dizziness, or sometimes unconsciousness.

If you come across a traumatic head injury incident, check the person’s breathing, airways, and blood circulation. If there’s no breathing or a pulse, perform CPR. Undergoing a medical emergency course in an institution like Newcastle Training will come in handy for such situations. You will know how best to handle such medical emergencies.


The first thing you need to do when you come across a fainting situation is to dial 911 and seek medical attention. There are many causes of fainting, and identifying the appropriate one is critical. Hence, the need for medical attention. As you wait for paramedics, there are some things you can do to help the person. Start by checking for alertness. If the person remains unresponsive, check for breathing. If the person is not breathing and has no pulse, start CPR until they become responsive. To give you the certification you need on CPR training, look for CPR Courses Near Me.


Convulsions or seizures are uncontrolled rapid and rhythmic muscle shaking due to continuous contraction and relaxation. They come as a result of abnormal electrical impulses in the brain. Patients shake their whole bodies during convulsions, drool or froth at the mouth, snort, grunt, clench teeth, and have abnormal eye movements.

Since convulsions stop on their own, there’s nothing much to do in such cases except to ensure the individual’s safety and prevent further damage. Maintain airways, lie the victim down, remove objects present, and avoid holding the victim to suppress shaking movements.

Heart Attack

A heart attack usually manifests itself in the form of chest pains. Any chest pain in a medical emergency should be taken as a heart attack unless proven otherwise. During a heart attack medical emergency, dial 911 to seek medical attention, followed by the ABC (airway, breathing, and circulation) technique. Check the victim’s breathing and assess their pulse. If they’re not breathing, start CPR.


Burns can be due to fire explosions or sometimes suicidal attempts. Depending on the cause, various ways of managing burns and medical emergencies exist. If the burns are caused by heat, cool them with cold water until the pain goes away. For electrical burns, start by switching off the power and then rescuing the victim. Burns due to chemical spillage will require you to remove the chemicals from the skin using gloved hands or a cloth.

If the victim is unconscious, don’t move them until medical attention has arrived. Ensuring the person is breathing is critical because the lack of oxygen supply can worsen the situation. If the person is awake, ask them to remain still until help arrives.

Medical emergencies can be life-threatening if not handled appropriately. Knowing the right steps is one of the best ways to help a person in such an emergency. Individuals need to learn how to respond effectively to medical emergencies by taking a medical emergency course or doing adequate research on the same. This will enable them to maintain the victim’s health until the paramedics arrive.

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