Published on October 17, 2023

How to Get the Best Value Australian Private Health Insurance

by Psych Times Staff


Nobody can accurately predict the future. For sure, plans can be put in place, and everyone can oversee their own destiny when applying for a job or getting involved in a relationship, but there’s no guarantee that everything will run smoothly forever more. Experience tells us that there are plenty of ups ahead. 

It is particularly relevant when it comes to a person’s health. A perfectly healthy and fit human can suddenly encounter unexpected illness or suffer an injury when they least expected. Who, for instance, predicted the pandemic that had a devastating effect around the world? Something as innocent as walking outside or playing recreational sports can end in problems without any warning. These are just some of the reasons why taking out a private health insurance can prove to be a prudent investment.

  • Taking out a policy with a company that is a not-for-profit member-owned organisation and has been in operation since 1952 is a good start. They guarantee that any excess funds are reinvested so that policyholders receive the very best service. While it was originally formed for those in the mining industry in the Hunter Valley, any Australian can become a member.
  • The best possible price is provided so that the membership continues to grow and that more members of the community can remain in good health. The policies are easy to understand and provide great peace of mind to all members with a wide range of policies available to fit all pockets and requirements. It might allow for time to consider the things that are needed for a successful long-term relationship.
  • There are three different types of Hospital cover which can be insured for. The Basic policy will provide costs for a choice in care in a public hospital whereas those who plump for Bronze Plus can benefit from extra covers while staying in a private hospital. It can also offer the right affordable protection for singles or a family.
  • Another of the hidden gem of insurance is the Extra Covers which again is available in three different tiers. Ideal extras accommodate those requiring everyday benefits while Healthy Extras are ideal for a young family. Those seeking Hunter Extras take care of anyone requiring help with an extensive range of healthcare benefits.
  • Ambulance Cover does what it says on the tin. It covers the costs that would otherwise be incurred when treated by paramedics and then transported in an ambulance. Payments are only made when a government service or one is recognised by the insurers, but it is recognised as being an essential policy for all Australians to hold. Hopefully, it won’t be used by those out trekking in a national park.
  • Having private health insurance provides greater control over personal healthcare while having to wait for treatment. It also ensures the avoidance of additional taxes and paying higher premiums later in life.

Taking out a private health insurance policy with a trusted not-for-profit company will deliver the best services while offering excellent value for money.

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