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Published on December 5, 2023

Private Neurology Clinic Singapore: How Much Does it Cost to See a Neurologist in Singapore?

When referred to a neurology clinic in Singapore, you can expect to undergo evaluations related to the nervous system. A referral to the facility may be warranted if you’re getting symptoms like persistent headaches, seizures, numbness, or memory issues.

During the visit, the neurologist will still inquire about your symptoms. They may also ask about your medical history, and conduct specific neurological exams.

Depending on the symptoms you’re showing, the exams may be done to assess your reflexes, coordination, and sensory functions. They might also order tests like MRI, EEG, or blood work to for diagnosis purposes. Read on for an overview of how much it costs to see a neurologist and how to find a reliable neurology clinic in Singapore.

How much does it Cost to See a Neurologist in Singapore?

As you probably already understand, the cost of seeing a neurologist in Singapore isn’t the same across all providers. Below is a rough estimate of how much you can expect to pay to see a neurologist in Singapore, nonetheless;

In Singapore, the cost of seeing a neurologist is generally around $200. However, this can fluctuate based on several factors. Key among these factors is your age plays as specialized care for children or elderly patients might differ in cost due to varying diagnostic and treatment requirements.

Also, a complex medical history or pre-existing conditions might necessitate more extensive evaluations. But it doesn’t end there, the other key factors that may affect how much you pay for the services of a private neurology clinic in Singapore include;

  • Recommended Treatment Procedures: The treatment recommended by the neurologist significantly impacts expenses. Treatments might involve medications, therapies, or surgical interventions. Each of these recommendations comes with its associated costs. Some therapies are ongoing which means that they may require consistent monitoring, something which may potentially increase long-term expenses. Specialized treatments like deep brain stimulation or infusion therapies might incur higher costs due to their complexity and specialized equipment.
  • Location of the Clinic: Geographical location plays a crucial role in determining expenses. Clinics in metropolitan areas or regions with a higher cost of living might charge more for their services compared to clinics in rural areas. Factors such as rent, operational expenses, and demand for specialized healthcare services in an area contribute to this difference.
  • Availability and Use of Medical Equipment for Diagnostic Tests: Diagnostic tests like MRIs or EEGs contribute significantly to costs. Clinics with in-house facilities for these tests may offer convenience but might charge more for the accessibility and use of their equipment. In some cases, clinics might refer patients to external imaging centers, affecting overall expenses.
  • Clinic’s Offerings: The services and amenities provided by the clinic also influence pricing. Clinics offering a broader range of specialized services, such as access to multidisciplinary teams or additional support services might charge higher fees due to their comprehensive care approach.
  • Specific Tests Needed: The type and number of tests recommended by the neurologist also directly impact costs. Comprehensive diagnostic tests or more advanced imaging techniques generally come with higher price tags. Factors like the complexity of the test, the equipment required, and the expertise involved in conducting and analyzing the results contribute to the overall expenses.

Despite the average cost around $200, some neurology clinics in Singapore advertise starting prices as low as $149. However, these prices often only include basic consultations and might not cover additional tests or treatments. A good neurologist will give you a clear pricing of their packages without any hidden fees.

How do I Find a Good Neurology Clinic in my Area?

Neurological conditions are vast and run the gamut from migraines to severe disorders like Parkinson’s or epilepsy. Because of this, when referred to a neurologist, you will want to make sure that you find the best neurology clinic. Just so you know, here are a few reasons why this is very important;

  • Accurate Diagnosis: Neurological conditions often present complex symptoms that necessitate precise evaluation. A good neurology clinic in Singapore should have experienced neurologists who are proficient in discerning complex symptoms and conducting comprehensive assessments to ensure accurate diagnoses which are key for appropriate treatment.
  • Specialized Care: Neurological conditions demand tailored care. Reputable clinics offer access to various specialists who are skilled in diverse neurological subfields. So, it doesn’t even matter whether it’s a movement disorder, neuromuscular issue, or cognitive impairment. You can count on a specialized clinic to give you access to experts well-versed in specific conditions.
  • Treatment Options: A good neurology clinic provides diverse treatment modalities. These can range from medication, to therapies, and cutting-edge procedures. What’s more, they stay updated with advanced technologies and therapies to ensure that patients have access to the latest treatments available.

With that out of the way, here are the steps to find a good neurology clinic in Singapore;

  • Step 1, Research: To find the best neurology clinic in Singapore, you will want to start by researching neurology clinics in your area. You may want to take advantage of not just medical directories, but also recommendations from your primary care physicians for a list of potential clinics.
  • Step 2, Credentials and Expertise: From your list of neurology clinics, take time to evaluate the credentials and expertise of neurologists at the facilities. Consider experience, certifications, and specialization in treating specific neurological conditions.
  • Step 3, Facility and Technology: At this step, you should have a list of at least 3 neurology clinics to compare. To be sure, visit the clinics if possible or explore their website. During the visits, assess the facility’s ambiance, cleanliness, and technological resources. Updated equipment and facilities are often indicative of a commitment to quality care.
  • Step 4, Check Insurance and Affordability: Check if the clinic accepts your insurance plan or offers affordable payment options. This step is important to ensure that you do not get any nasty surprises along the way. As you check insurance and affordability, ensure the clinic is easily accessible for you and you can trust the specialists in the facility with you or the health of your loved one.

It is a Wrap!

While price is a key consideration when looking for a good private neurology clinic in Singapore, it shouldn’t be the only factor to consider. Take your time to find a well-equipped clinic with experienced professionals for not just an accurate diagnosis but also personalized treatment and ongoing support which may be needed to manage your neurological health comprehensively.

At the Chou Neuroscience Clinic, we understand that each and every condition is unique so are sure to personalize treatments as needed. To schedule an appointment for thorough assessment and a personalized treatment plan for you or a loved one, please call or visit our facility at;

Chou Neuroscience Clinic

1 Farrer Park Station Road

#08-06 Connexion

Singapore 217562

6 Napier Road

#08-08 Gleneagles Medical Centre

Singapore 258499

+65 6694 7942

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