Published on August 22, 2023

The Way Latest Control Technology has Improved Medical Devices

As we know that medical devices are the most essential devices that play a vital role in taking care of patients. So they must achieve the highest level of accuracy, and reliability for delivering high-quality patient care. To maintain this accuracy, flow control valves are used commonly in medical devices. 

Proportional solenoid valves control the flow rate as well as the pressure of the fluid or gases flowing in a system by varying the size of the orifice. They have pressure and flow sensors so that the required flow rate and pressure can be maintained throughout the system. 

More Info:

In a solenoid valve, the input current signals and an electromagnetic coil field help to move the armature correctly, which adjusts the output flow of the valve as per the need. This way, it enables the users to have strong control over the flow rate and pressure. 

A flow valve serves as a core technology in medical devices. They help in maintaining the required flow rate or pressure of the fluid or compressed air, or oxygen to deliver quality treatment. In order to optimize the flow and enhance the efficiency of the instruments it’s crucial to use control valves. 

Let’s take a look at the following roles and reasons for which a proportional Flow Control Valve is used in medical devices and equipment:

Accuracy and Strong Control:

Valves are widely used at places where it’s necessary to maintain strong control over various process variables for the correct happenings of processes. Similarly in the medical field, there is a great need to maintain accuracy and strong control over the pressure of gases. 

The pressure that is required in medical devices is comparatively lower than the other industrial applications. Today solenoid valves are commonly used in ventilators where they serve the key functionality of mixing the air and oxygen correctly and managing the flow rate and pressure. Here the proportional solenoid valve helps to improve the quality of the treatment. 

Lightweight and Compact Design:

One of the most important reasons for the wide use of flow control solenoid valve in the medical field is that it has made lightweight construction possible, and contains a compact design that has increased the portability of medical devices. Nowadays the manufacturers of valves are creating compact devices that are not only lightweight but can also fight in tight places and provide the expected results without compromising the functionality. 

Power Management: 

Proportional solenoid valves are electronically controlled devices and they help in reducing power consumption and controlling heat. Today, valves are available in a wide range and all of them differ from each other in power, shape and design. Each type is created to perform a specific type of task and is good to be installed in the system for which it is created so that the expected output can be obtained.

Meanwhile, the designers can match the better type, power capacity and shape of the valve for the medical devices to make them more efficient and to increase the battery life for the portable medical devices. For instance, in blood diagnosing machines, it’s crucial to reduce the heat to prevent changes in the samples and to minimize the risk of contamination and incorrect results. 

Final Words:

Solenoid operated valve is capable of controlling the flow rate and pressure depending upon the provided electronic signal to the coil. Meanwhile, it can easily handle high flow variations and pressure inside a pipeline or system. Therefore, proportional solenoid valves are widely used in medical devices. 

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