Published on November 6, 2023

Geometry Dash – An Extraordinary Game Like No Other!

by Psych Times Staff

It is quite unlikely that you’ve not heard of Geometry Dash before. It’s a rhythm based game that has every one who has ever played it, completely hooked to it! Geometry Dash captivates its players with its enchanting music, smooth gameplay, challenging levels and an intriguing concept all in all!

How the Game Came into Being

Geometry dash came into being in 2013. What initially was only available for iOS users, is now available for all sorts of platforms today. So if you’re not an iPhone user or only use an iPhone on the contrary, it really shouldn’t be an issue. As time has passed and the game has gained years on itself, it has rolled in new content and updates. It works with artists and creators from all over the world that work together to build and bring forth the best of the best. This includes interesting gameplay, exciting levels and much more. Because of the inclusion of artists and the sense of community, the game has prevailed for so long. 

The Exciting Background Tracks!

The music used in this ever-lasting game is one of its main key features that attracts players. Numerous techno and dubstep tunes from renowned musicians are a part of this exciting game. The gameplay is made more immersive by the music, which perfectly synchronises the beats and rhythm of the chosen track with the obstacles and challenges of each level.

Challenge Yourself Constantly 

As simple as this game may seem, do not be fooled by it! Players may control their icon to jump over spikes, go through portals that shift the icon’s size, or even interact with items that change the gravitational field. Every level gets harder and harder, with increasingly intricate obstacles that require exact timing. To succeed, players need to be able to recall patterns, foresee problems, and react fast.


The game has a competitive aspect to it, with different levels and timings attached to them. There is of course a point system integrated into the game that catches your score and records them on the scoreboard. You can also compete online with other players. It doesn’t get better than this!


There is a reason for the popularity of Geometry Dash. It may be just a game but from its production to the players playing it, it brings about a sense of community unlike any other. The community is void of any negativity, since it’s a safe space where people come to enjoy and relieve their stress with fun, engaging, harmless gaming.

It has been here since a decade and from the looks of its never ending supply of content and increasing interest of people, it is definitely here to stay for a decade more for the very least! Other than that, the game is easy to play but also pushes you with every level just a bit more to keep you on your toes. It pumps out rewards that help you in the game further and allows you to make friends for a lifetime! 

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