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Published on April 24, 2023

Out of Control: The Global Challenge of Ludomania and How Countries Are Fighting Back

Gambling may be an entertainment that has positive societal effects while also providing individuals with an exciting time. Non-commercial gambling is a significant source of income for many community projects. These funds, if used wisely, have the potential to improve empowerment, participation, and quality of life in communities. On the other hand, gaming has adverse effects on the lives of many people. 

Gambling addiction occurs frequently, and overcoming the behavior can be challenging. The prevalence of ludomania is a problem worldwide, especially in New Zealand. Many Kiwis enjoy a flutter on the lottery. They choose the casino they want to play in, which could be from Poli pay casino listing for 2023 for gamblers interested in funding their account with POLi or it could be a Pay-by-phone casino. With the vast array of casinos, gambling can become a severe addiction. An increase in problem gambling affects a country, not just the individuals that engage in it. Excessive gambling can be avoided by taking some measures. Learn more about ludomania and possible solutions in this article.

What is Ludomania?

Ludomania is a problem gambling condition. It entails addiction to some compulsive behaviors. Psychological dependency can manifest as ludomania. Unlike substance abuse, problem gambling does not manifest itself in physical ways. When people have trouble controlling the time and money they spend gambling, they have a gambling problem. This could have negative effects on the person, their loved ones, and the nation as a whole.

Many people turn to unhealthy behaviors like gambling, cheating, or rationalizing themselves to alleviate stress and improve their financial situation. Yet, they don’t realize they have become hostages themselves. People with Ludomania barely know the damage they’re inflicting on their relationships, personal and social lives, as well as their future.

How Does this Disease Appear?

A few indications can help you determine whether or not someone you know is suffering from problem gambling. For instance, they can start gambling more often or even borrow money to play online games. Other indications include lying about gambling losses and concealing gambling behavior. Also, acting in an unusually hostile or defensive manner when questioned about their gambling habits is a sign. If you notice any warning signs, you can discuss the issues with them and help get help from gambling. It is vital to provide them with assistance and support during this stage.

How to Deal with Gambling Addiction

The good news is that Ludomania can be managed. Victims can take personal actions to address the issue of problem gambling. Listed below are some approaches to overcoming casino addiction.

  • Medication

To beat your gambling addiction, you may need medical assistance. The situation could have developed as a symptom of a more serious underlying mental health issue, such as bipolar disorder. When this happens, the only way to improve your ability to control your impulses is to learn how to resort to medical treatment. 

  • Alterations to one’s lifestyle

The recovery process can be difficult, but one of the more challenging aspects is dealing with the financial repercussions of gambling. Initially, you might need to delegate your financial responsibilities to a reliable friend or family member, like your spouse. Casinos and athletic events, for example, could make you feel compelled to bet again, so you should try to avoid them.

  • Seek Support

It can be helpful to talk about what you’re going through with someone who is understanding. Seek the assistance of a trained expert. If you have the feeling that you are unable to control your gambling behavior, it’ll be beneficial to contact a therapist or counselor. They can assist you in overcoming your addiction to gaming.

How New Zealand Deals with Ludomania

Problems with gambling can be more challenging to identify than issues connected to alcohol use. In New Zealand, the Ministry of Health outsources various services pertaining to betting addiction. These are intervention services and public health services. They provide help using public health, infrastructure services, national coordination, education awareness, and the problem gambling workforce.


The system of intervention that the Ministry has adopted is based on a multi-modal approach. It recognizes the widespread impact that betting addiction may have not only on the individual but also on their family. The Ministry of Health and Human Services employs a variety of intervention services. These include helpline and information services, full interventions, facilitation, and follow-up services.


Ludomania has become a global challenge affecting most countries of the world. The good news is that it can be managed effectively with the appropriate treatment. If you are suffering from Ludomania, you must abstain from betting entirely because even trying to gamble on occasion might lead to a relapse. Participating in a rehabilitation program can also assist you in regulating your impulses. By using approaches that are comparable to those used for the treatment of other addictions, victims can overcome ludomania.

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