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Published on November 17, 2023

The Baton 4 Pocket Flashlight: Illuminating the Path to Versatility

Unveiling the Baton 4 pocket flashlight, the upgraded masterpiece that succeeds Olight’s beloved Baton 3. Featuring a high-performance LED and a TIR lens for a beautifully balanced beam, this compact wonder delivers an astonishing 1,300 lumens and a remarkable reach of up to 170 meters. What sets the Baton 4 pocket flashlight apart is its laser micro-perforated indicator, an ingenious addition that visually represents remaining brightness and battery life. Equipped with a custom rechargeable 650mAh lithium-ion battery, it can keep shining for an impressive 30 days in Moonlight mode. The enhanced anti-slip texture not only adds a touch of elegance but also ensures a secure grip, making the Baton 4 the go-to pocket light for those who demand exceptional performance and convenience.


Lumens Output:       1,300 lumens

Beam Distance:        170 meters


Length                             [ 2.48in/63mm ]

Head Diameter               [  0.83in/21mm ]

Body Diameter               [  0.83in/21mm ]

Battery Type:            Custom rechargeable 650mAh lithium-ion battery

Battery Life:              Up to 30 days in Moonlight mode

Charging System:    MCC (Magnetic Charging Cable)

Indicator:                  Laser micro-perforated indicator for remaining brightness and battery life

Switch:                     Upgraded metal switch

Texture:                   Upgraded anti-slip texture for enhanced grip

Modes:                    Multi-mode operation

Features of Baton 4 pocket flashlight

Olight’s Baton 4 pocket flashlight flashlight is a technical wonder with a number of exclusive characteristics that make it stand out from other flashlights available. The Baton 4 pocket flashlight is a flexible lighting solution that meets a range of demands and tastes thanks to its remarkable brightness and creative appearance.

  1. Exceptional Brightness:

The Baton 4 pocket flashlight is renowned for its extraordinary brightness, which it produces at a lumen output of 1,300. Even in the most dimly lit environments, you will always have a steady source of light accessible thanks to this exceptional output. Because of its unparalleled brightness, the Baton 4 pocket flashlight is perfect for usage in a broad range of scenarios, including outdoor exploration, large-area lighting, and emergency situations.

  1. Long Beam Distance:

The Baton 4 pocket flashlight is distinguished by its remarkable beam distance of 170 meters. This indicates that the flashlight can successfully illuminate locations and things located a considerable distance away from your current location. Outdoor lovers, campers, hikers, and anybody else who needs long-range visibility will find this function very helpful.

  1. Laser Micro-Perforated Indicator:

One distinctive feature of the Baton 4 pocket flashlight is its laser micro-perforated indicator. This indicator provides a straightforward and easy-to-use way to monitor the battery’s remaining life and brightness. It ensures that you constantly know how the torch is doing and removes any doubt. The Baton 4 pocket flashlight stands apart from conventional flashlights because to its unique feature that makes it easier to use.

  1. Durable Metal Switch:

The Baton 4 pocket flashlight’s improved metal switch exemplifies the design’s focus on robustness. In addition to being sturdy, the switch provides a pleasant tactile experience with each push. Overall, the user experience is enhanced, and it seems reliable and strong. The flashlight’s durable switch will allow it to withstand rough surroundings and regular use.

  1. Extended Battery Life:

The improved 650mAh lithium-ion battery that powers the Baton 4 pocket flashlight is the source of its remarkable battery life. This flashlight doesn’t need to be recharged for up to 30 days when it’s in moonlight mode. This function is revolutionary, especially for people who require a steady supply of light for long outdoor excursions or emergency situations. The Baton 4 pocket flashlight is different from flashlights that need to be recharged frequently because of its longer battery life.

  1. MCC Charging System:

Recharging is made easier with the Baton 4 pocket flashlight’s handy MCC (Magnetic Charging Cable) charging technology. The flashlight’s ability to attach to metal surfaces for hands-free charging is what distinguishes this feature. The flashlight is really useful because it has a hands-free charging option that lets people use it even while it’s charging.

  1. Enhanced Grip with Anti-Slip Texture:

The external design of the Baton 4 pocket flashlight improves its usefulness in addition to its visual appeal. The improved anti-slip texture is a special feature that enhances grip and gives the flashlight a more sophisticated look. This guarantees that the flashlight stays firmly in your handeven when you’re wearing gloves or in damp weather. One instance of the Baton 4 pocket flashlight’s ability to blend fashion and functionality is its anti-slip material.

  1. Versatile Multi-Mode Operation:

With its variety of illumination options, the Baton 4 pocket flashlight provides users freedom and diversity. You may adjust the flashlight’s performance to fit particular jobs or situations thanks to this special function. The Baton 4 pocket flashlight has you covered whether you need the brightest setting for outdoor activities, the lowest setting for reading, or whatever in between.

  1. High-Quality TIR Lens:

The Baton 4 pocket flashlight’s superior TIR (Total Internal Reflection) lens creates a gentle, well-balanced light beam. This lens design guarantees uniform and equal light while reducing glare. The TIR lens of the Baton 4 pocket flashlight improves illumination overall, which makes it appropriate for activities requiring clarity and accuracy.

  1. Compact Design for Everyday Carry:

The tiny shape of the Baton 4 pocket flashlight is yet another distinctive feature of this flashlight. It fits neatly in your pocket or purse and is the ideal size for daily use. since of its mobility, the Baton 4 pocket flashlight is a great partner for both everyday chores and on-the-go excursions since you can always count on it to provide a strong and dependable light source.

The Baton 4 pocket flashlight is one lighting solution that blends durability, strength, and originality. Its unique features, which include its advanced laser micro-perforated indicator, MCC charging mechanism, and outstanding brightness and extended beam reach, making it a great choice for anyone with a range of lighting needs. Its compact size and non-slip material add to its appeal.

How does the Baton 4 pocket flashlight’s special function set it distinct from other illuminating instruments and improve its usefulness?

The redesigned metal switch for increased durability, improved brightness, longer beam distance, and novel laser micro-perforated indications set the Baton 4 pocket flashlight apart. Its MCC charging method and longer battery life offer unmatched convenience. Because of its anti-slip substance and flexible multi-mode operation, it is even more user-friendly. A high-quality TIR lens guarantees even and well-balanced lighting. Together, these special qualities make the Baton 4 pocket flashlight a very adaptable and sturdy illumination option ideal for a variety of uses, such as daily chores, unexpected emergencies, and demanding outdoor sports.

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