Published on June 17, 2022

4 Things Men Can Do to Improve Their Mental Health

by Psych Times Staff

While there may be a lot of conversation surrounding mental health, often during these conversations, men’s mental health issues can be left out. There is a perception within society that men need to be strong and void of emotion if they want to appear ‘manly’. These harmful perceptions can lead many men to suffer from serious mental health issues and it is one of the reasons that male suicide rates are so high. Thankfully, there now seem to be more movements coming forwards that are especially dedicated to getting men to open up and share their experiences. Whenever anyone suffers from mental health issues, it is important that you find ways to deal with your emotions. Within this article, we will go over some thing’s men can do to hopefully improve their mental health.

Talk To Friends

One of the best things men can do destroy the negative stereotypes surrounding their mental health is to talk to each other. As mentioned in the introduction, one major stereotype that comes with being a man in society is that you have to be closed off, and you can’t talk to your friends about what you are dealing with. This is an extremely harmful stereotype, and it leads to so many men simply being unable to express or convey their emotions. Often, this leads to men expressing their emotions through anger, as this is the only way they know how. Breaking down these stereotypes and teaching men to open up and talk to their friends is going to be hugely beneficial. So, if you have a group of friends but your friends do not really open to you, then perhaps start the conversation yourself and get the ball rolling.

Learn How To Ask For Help

Another important tip that can help you improve your mental health is to learn how to ask for help. Opening up and talking to your friends is one thing but it is a step further to actually go out there and ask for help. Male vulnerability is a huge issue in society as toxic masculinity often stops men from reaching out and being genuinely vulnerable. It can take time to learn how to open up and ask for help as there can be a lot of fear that you may be rejected. However, if you are reaching out to the right sort of people, you do not have to worry about being rejected as these are the people that are there for you. If you can, next time you are feeling down, perhaps reach out to someone you are particularly close to and ask them for help. It could have a positive knock-on effect and inspire other people to open up too.

Get Good Quality Sleep

The effect good quality sleep has on our mental health cannot be understated. Sleep serves a very important function in our lives, and it can have a direct impact on the way our brain works. If you are continuously getting poor quality sleep, you will likely feel extremely lethargic and possibly depressed. Sometimes it can take a while before we notice what the cause of the issue is, but if you are regularly not sleeping, then that could definitely have something to do with how you have been feeling recently. If you struggle to sleep, perhaps try listening to a podcast or something to help you drift off. Additionally, if you try to have a bedtime routine every day, then this can have a positive impact on your brain as it will start to learn when to get tired. These are just a couple of things you can try if you struggle with getting to sleep.

Cut Out Toxicity

Toxic masculinity is a huge problem within society, and it is something that affects everyone, not just men. The effects of toxic masculinity are ingrained in society, and within the media we consume. Growing up constantly exposed to these sorts of attitudes can have seriously damaging effects on people, and it can lead you to believe that there is one specific way to live your life and ‘be a man.’ If this is something, you are currently dealing with, then it would be beneficial for you to cut out all the toxicity in your life. It could be a show you watch, a podcast you listen to, or it could even be some of the people you hang around with. Cutting out friends can be a very difficult thing to do, but if they are not valuing you or making you feel good, then do not feel bad about cutting them out. It is important to do what is best for you and your mental health, so take the time to cut out toxicity.

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