Published on August 3, 2022

How Does Your Physical Health Hinder Your Mental Health?

Many things affect mental wellbeing, and everyone will have a unique experience with their mental health. However, while there are individual factors, you can often trace these factors back to a specific instance. In a lot of cases, it is your physical health that can have a detrimental impact on your mental health. Everyone knows that exercise and living a good life are vital, but how does poor physical health hinder your mental health?

You Look For Excuses

It’s too easy to come up with a catalog of excuses for why you ignore your physical health. You are too tired, or you think that you do not have the right conditioning to attempt anything. You don’t want to injure yourself or feel those nasty aches and pains for days after an activity. You think all of this despite knowing physical activity will benefit you, and when you avoid it, you end up feeling worse. Excuses help you stay in your comfort zone, but knowing that you should be doing something else will only make you feel worse. 

You Stress Over Possible Problems

It’s difficult to know when worrying becomes a problem. Anxiety and stress can manifest in a variety of different ways. But one issue that people commonly struggle with is avoiding a doctor’s appointment. Whether it’s a strange lump or a persistent cough, you don’t want to get a definitive answer about your health. But, the longer you ignore it, the greater the risk of this problem being incurable. This causes you to worry, and you’ll find it difficult to focus on anything else. So, just go to the doctor, if for nothing more than peace of mind. 

You Lack Confidence

Confidence is something that some are born with, but others need to work hard to cultivate it. However, those that lock confidence find it impossible to do anything. This could be going to the gym or even going out in public at all. Knowing how to overcome this, whether it’s exercising at home to prepare for the gym, or using products like CBD Topical Salve to solve skin problems such as acne, will give you the confidence you need, and you’ll feel better about yourself. In doing so, you encourage yourself to get out and do things without worrying about what others think. 

You Find It Difficult To Break Bad Habits

If you rely on nicotine, alcohol, or other substances, you must find ways to kick these habits. Otherwise, you end up in a cycle that’s difficult to break. These substances can be damaging to your physical health, and this will directly affect your mental wellbeing. Instead of seeing friends or exercising, you fall back to your bad habits as a safety net. The longer this goes, the more you’ll isolate yourself, which is not suitable for the body or the mind. 


Your physical and mental well-being are entwined, and you cannot achieve one without the other. If you recognize any of these reasons, consider how to overcome the physical barriers and start working on them to achieve the perfect balance of health in your life. 

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