Published on December 21, 2022

How to Get Over Heartbreak in a Relationship

Love can be addictive due to the hormones released when you become attached to someone. However, these hormones are replaced with cortisol after a heartbreak. Although designed to support your body’s fight-and-flight response, excess cortisol can contribute to undesirable mental and physical symptoms associated with heartbreak. According to the United States report, 135,463 cases of broken heart syndrome were recorded from 2006 to 2017. This indicates that heartbreak is increasing and should be given attention. Here are helpful ways to overcome the pain of a broken heart.

Give yourself time to grieve

It is important to acknowledge heartbreak despite the pain. Therefore, you’ll find it helpful to let your feelings out instead of ignoring them.  It is okay to grieve as humans, so cry or scream if that will make you feel better. You will heal faster if you admit that something has happened and allow yourself to feel sad about it. While at it, try not to hold on to unrealistic ideas about what could occur, like getting back together with your partner. This idea gives false hopes it will help you feel better in a short time but will eventually lead to more disappointment. Although it is essential to let your emotions flow freely, don’t prolong your grief so you can heal faster.

Practice self talk

Think about your strengths and feel proud of them, as it is essential to getting over your heartbreak. Doing this will help you realize that you’re strong enough to deal with it. Be gentle with yourself and talk to yourself the way you would to a friend who is going through a difficult situation. Make a list of your strengths and remind yourself of your accomplishments and good qualities. You can also read the list whenever you’re in your low moments and need a boost. Self-talk enhances your performance and general well-being while reducing stress and pain, so feel free to consider this. People who practice positive self-talk may have cognitive skills that allow them to think differently, solve problems, and be more efficient at coping with heartbreak, so keep this in mind.

Avoid contact

This rule will give you time to put things into perspective and focus on your needs. It also provides the distance necessary to naturally sever the bond between you and your former partner. It may be painful, but it will be worthwhile. This is because keeping in touch will make it impossible to move on. Therefore, do your best not to reach out to them unless necessary. You’ll also find it helpful to unfollow them on social media and delete their contact if you find it too tempting to call or text. 

You also want to put away pictures and gifts they gave you, so feel free to consider this. You might also want to avoid activities that remind you of them for a while. If you have photos or videos on your phone that trigger painful memories, delete them, or move them to a location, you won’t be tempted to look at them. However, this doesn’t mean you have to throw away or destroy things that remind you of your ex or keep avoiding your favorite places forever. You may be able to be friends with them in the future, but it’s important to get some distance and time to heal before you consider this.

Seek professional help

Heartbreak is a form of grief that affects people in various ways, regardless of age and gender. The magnitude of what a person feels will typically reduce over time. However, in some instances, these feelings may become stronger and make a person feel worse. When this happens, you must speak with mental health professionals. Without this, these emotions can develop into depression, generalized anxiety disorder, and other psychiatric conditions. Therefore, consulting mental health awareness experts can help you to understand your symptoms and seek professional treatment. Baring your heart with people is important as this is a step in the right direction.

Try fun activities 

It’s important to make time for activities you enjoy, as having a little fun will help relieve the stress of heartbreak. It will also help you remember the things you value outside of your relationship. You can work on creative projects, go for a walk, watch a movie, spend time with friends and grow your network support. Doing this can enrich your life and boost your confidence while distracting you from the situation. Also, exercise is a good way to heal from pain because it releases natural feel-good chemicals in your brain. It helps you feel more in control, so keep this in mind. You can go for a jog, stroll, or exercise with your favorite workout video.

Prioritize self-care 

Make sure you take care of yourself. Focus on your health and what makes your body feel better. You can spend time in nature to learn how to be your best friend and cherish yourself. You can attract someone who loves you if you love yourself. You also don’t want to forget fundamental activities like eating and sleeping. When you’re heartbroken, staying on top of day-to-day things like your health, hygiene, and everyday duties can be hard. Fortunately, you can set a goal of doing these things daily. If you struggle with inspiration, start with simple things like brushing your teeth or putting on clean clothes. You can also eat a healthy meal if you aren’t hungry, so feel free to consider this. These activities are easier said than done; in the beginning, there will be days you won’t be able to keep up. Always remember that each day is another opportunity to care for yourself in the most foundational way. 

A broken heart is painful,  but personal healing after heartbreak has to happen. It is important to find constructive ways to deal with them. Recovering from a breakup can be hard work, but with the tips above, you’ll find ease in applying them.

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