August 2, 2022

When Couples Are Bad For Each Other

Sometimes, others can bring out the worst in us. We expect these to be people who we don’t like at work and we get into petty arguments with them, or it could be someone who cut you off while driving, getting you to swear and lose your temper in front of your kids. But, we never expect it to be someone we love such as our girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse. So what if this is the case with you and you do feel that the person you are with, makes you into someone who you don’t want to be? Well, you may need to cut your losses and go your separate ways or you may be able to salvage the ship and make a new one out of the parts you retrieved. 

Becoming more aggressive

Have you ever been with a partner who seems to bring out the more aggressive side in you? This could be a narcissistic tendency they are displaying. For example, the waiter comes by and puts food on the table and walks away. But your partner acts like their food is cold and that it was a personal insult by the waiter or the restaurant. They act hurt, annoyed and they want you to do something about it. Do you find yourself raising your voice while being protective over them? Or it could be that you want to show them that you do care for them when another woman is close by and they cause trouble by being territorial. If this seems like you, chances are that the person you are with is bad for you.

Self-indulging together

There are lots of couples who are plainly bad for each other and one reason could be because you are self-indulgent as a team. This can range from eating, drinking or substance abuse. You tend to lapse if your partner lapses. You tend to have one more drink of alcohol if they are. You tend to take things they take and this can have dire consequences. Go and speak with a  couples drug rehab center about the trappings you find yourselves in. You don’t have to separate, you could use each other as a way to keep yourselves in check.

You feel insecure

You should never feel like you are not your best self when with another person. They should try and lift you up, if they are worth anything. Sure, we all have things we could improve about ourselves but they should never make snide remarks about how we look, smell or talk. If you ever do experience these things and feel insecure around your partner, this is a clear sign you are bad for each other. They don’t like the small things about you to the point they keep mentioning and you are having your self-confidence tested.

Not every couple is meant for each other and most are bad for each other in some way. You need to look clearly at your own relationship and figure out if it’s time to move on or repair the damage. 


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