July 14, 2022

Why Dating in the Digital Age is Great

There is no denying that technology has made a significant impact on how and when we meet people. While previously we would probably be reliant on meeting in pubs, clubs, and education establishments; we now can meet quite literally anyone across the globe.

Now, if you’re looking to date faster than ever, you can take your phone out of your pocket or check out the chat line numbers.

It’s more convenient for people who struggle with a face-to-face conversation to perfect their prose before sending the email, and work up the courage to swipe, match or meet!

Social presence  

One of the most exciting things about dating in the digital age is that if you do meet somebody, it doesn’t take more than 5-minutes to find out a lot about them. Most people have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and sometimes personal websites too.

Of course, you shouldn’t do more than a glance, but that can usually be enough to tell you a lot about the person.

Busy Modern Life

If you are a very busy person, in between taking care of your house, children, full-time job, your side hustle, and finding time to relax, you don’t have time to head out to meet people, then dating in the digital age is the perfect thing for you. 

Technology enables you to hop on to any app or have a chat at a time that suits you.


The most exciting thing about dating in the digital age is that often you’re just having a simple conversation. But it does allow you to ask several important questions. You can carefully craft your questions so you get the answers that you need. It can start simple like are you a dog person or a cat person

But you can probe a little bit further and find out more about their motivations in life, as well as any views that they may have that do not align with your own.

And since you’re just having a simple conversation, typically via messenger or chat, it’s very easy to say goodbye if you know it won’t work out.


For the naturally introverted or those with low confidence and self-esteem, dating in the digital age can be a welcomed prospect. It gives you time to get to know the person a little bit better, and while there are plenty of stories about people being catfished, there are also plenty of stories about how introverts found love. 

When you can talk to somebody over time, you can often understand more about them and open up a little bit more about yourself, too. This can give you time to build up the confidence to meet them in person should you want to.

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